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Steal My Heart
by Aimee O’Brian
When a fantasy turns
into a cold reality
Lexanne Harris had a plan down to the last sexy detail. Never did she think her attempt to spice up her love life with her boyfriend would involve her in a burglary with a sexier than sin thief whose emerald eyes and serious between the sheets skills are impossible to forget. As a police detective she is expected to stand on the side of the law and fight for justice. But what happens when the lines of justice blur and what’s wrong becomes way too tempting? The situation might be challenging but Lexanne is determined to get assigned to the case, recover the jewels and catch the culprit. The question is: What will she do with her sexy cat burglar when she catches him?

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Steal My Heart Now Available

I finished my very first romance novel in 2012. At that time my kids were school age, and I was working full time. But I pushed myself to keep writing and improving. By 2017, I’d completed three more romances. Now in 2019, my kids are grown and off on their own adventures, as am I. Because my debut novel Steal My Heart Heart was released on
August 5th of this year. It isn’t my first finished novel. It’s my fourth. And while I still love the others, they haven’t yet found a home.

Steal My Heart took a mere six months to write, but took two years to reach its full potential. Getting to that point required someone other than me to love it and believe in it. Now after three rounds of edits with a lot of brilliant help from my editors, it’s available from Tule Publishing. And while this is both thrilling and terrifying to me, the funniest part is that it seems so soon.

Perhaps this is because the inspiration for this story was years in the making. That inspiration came from conversations, places I’ve traveled, and my own imagination. Over a decade ago, a friend of mine shared an idea she had for a sexual fantasy she wanted to act out with her boyfriend. This fantasy involved having him “break into” her home. I remember thinking—okay, that sounds exciting, but what if something went wrong? Yes, her idea is bold and daring, but it might also be dangerous.

And my writer’s mind took off. What if someone saw her boyfriend “breaking in” and called the police? What if she left her door unlocked and the person who entered wasn’t even her boyfriend? This is how the writer’s mind works. Writers consider the most horrid and outrageous possibilities, where life does not go according to plan, where roads diverge and trouble overtakes us.

Conflict means story, and romance means happily ever after.

The setting for Steal My Heart came from tagging along on a business trip with my husband. The expansiveness of Southern California, the heat and rush of Los Angeles, the pace and traffic on the 405 inspired me. A side trip to Santa Monica with a walk on the shoreline and a stroll down the pier clinched the deal.

With those pieces in place, my imagination did the rest. Steal My Heart has plenty of conflict, a ticking clock, a touch of humor, and its own outrageous brand of happily ever after.