“A tramp stamp?” she repeated like an idiot, her heart starting to pound. Why was he looking at her like that? He looked predatory. He hadn’t moved an inch, but it felt menacing. He didn’t look angry, but there was something about the way he was watching her. She felt like a mouse trapped by a very large cat.

“A tattoo across the lower back.” His voice was soft, his smile wicked as he raised his brows in question. “Would you like one?”

“I don’t get it,” she said realizing how dangerous Jeremy looked, how much larger he was than her, how much stronger.

“Really? I do. You’re snooping around in my locked closet.”

“Is that a problem?” she asked, swallowing. “Are we keeping secrets?”

His eyes never wavered from her.
“I was.”

~ Excerpt from Don't Call Me Crazy


Works in Progress

Contemporary Romances

Don't Call Me Crazy

When a brawny, right-brained San Francisco artist falls in love with a beautiful left-brained internal medicine resident and tells her someone is out to get him, Gabrielle believes it is just Jeremy’s over-active imagination. And while the spilled turpentine on the stairs and a gas burner left on in his apartment could be his own fault, it doesn't explain someone trying to run him off the road and stealing the steering column out of his car. Is it all just absentmindedness and freak occurrences or could Jeremy be right?


Don't Call Me Darling

After surviving being held hostage in a bank by her boyfriend, Darlene takes a job managing the art gallery of her crazy artist brother-in-law in San Francisco. She might stand a chance at romance with her sister’s sexy internist coworker, except Darlene keeps feeling her ex-boyfriend’s eyes on her. Given the choice of being stalked by Cody or being completely bonkers, Darlene knows that bonkers is the better option.


Built to Love

Despite having a degree in architecture, Simone Harper works as an event planner in rural Springbrook, TX more commonly known by the old-timers as the town of Chagrin. Her carefully structured plans to marry the local pastor are demolished when she hires a very hot contractor to build a gazebo for her sister’s wedding.


Twin Hearts

A staid CPA Marianna is devastated at the hit and run death of her flamboyant twin sister. It doesn't help matters when she has a fender bender in the hospital parking lot with a gorgeous local doctor at 3 am. Dr. Jonathan Loring wants to help this luscious blonde damsel in distress search for her sister’s killer, but helping her might be the death of them both, as well Marianna’s four-year-old nephew.