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Offering different levels of editing services, depending on what you need/want, the rates range from $.01/word to $.10/word and are lower than the suggested rate for professional freelance editors.

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Since I began seriously pursuing publication as a novelist, I have met many talented individuals with a variety of professional skills to aid writers in their quests. In the months to come I plan to feature editors, social media experts, cover artists, and writing coaches on this page. I wanted to share this information with you.

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Ace Services 4 Authors

Born and raised in California, Carissa has been living in her head from the moment she discovered her imagination. Words are her reality and her passion. A voracious reader of romance (urban fantasy, historical, paranormal, contemporary) and other genres as well she never goes anywhere without a book. To quote Carissa: “I love reading a well-crafted story, no matter what the genre. Language is beautiful, and I definitely have a love-thang going on with it.”

Carissa is a teacher. For over twelve years she’s assessed student work for details (typos, missteps in flow of action, incorrect words) and for overall clarity and organization.  Most importantly, she enjoys reading a person's work and giving suggestions, feedback, or even just sharing her response as a reader.

Her understanding of numerous ways to write and use language make her the ideal person to edit the work of other writers and help them have as strong a voice as possible.

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